October at Bramble Cottage

October has been a busy month for flowers and work in the garden. Bouquets have been going out throughout the month, dahlias going strong until a week or so ago, along with verbena (always a good filler), feverfew ‘Snowball’ and a good supply of nigella and cornflowers from a late sowing…

The first weekend in October was especially busy, with a wedding to prepare for and Creake Abbey Farmers Market too on the same weekend. Abi, the bride, was such a lovely girl and very relaxed with her flower and colour choice of shades of pink, with purple, green and white and some dots of blue….

I really enjoyed filling the jugs with mixed flowers (no dreadful floral foam used, just water), adding some trailing lime-green amaranthus to make beautiful table centres.

The bridal party flowers were arranged by Jemma Buck of jbuckflowers (catch up with her stunning work on Instagram), bouquets of soft pink and white dahlias with dots of purple and buttonholes and corsages of nigella, achillea, verbena and sprigs of rosemary all finished with rose-gold ribbon.

I was so pleased that Abi was very happy with her flowers, you can see her recommendation on Bramble Flowers Facebook page from 12th October…

Creake Abbey Farmers Market on the Saturday was a good morning for my flowers despite a northerly cold wind and drizzle which meant I had to sell from the boot of the car, I sold out within a couple of hours.

I hadn’t expected to sell much with the awful weather but the flowers seemed to cheer people.

Work in the Flower Garden continued with the planting of ranunculus and hardy annuals for overwintering. I keep my ranunculus claws each year and then soak and presprout them before planting out in composted and manured beds that are then cloched for the winter.

Scabious, cornflowers, clary sage and larkspur are some of the hardy annuals that I sow in the autumn for overwintering, this year I have set out lots of larkspur for confetti making next June…

October is the month for my Howards order to arrive. I’ve been using Howards Nurseries of Diss for some years now and have always been happy with their plants, it’s exciting when they arrive!

This year the majority of these plants are going into the Rose Garden which I am extending over the winter, colours are blues, lilacs, mauve and white from salvias, perovskia, limonium, lavender and geraniums interplanted with new roses. I think November is going to be busy!

Another area I have bought plants from Howards for is the pond side. The pond is quite large and has been neglected for many years (as had the rest of the garden before we moved here) and become thick with tall yellow iris which is not a favourite of mine.

I’ve been working through the summer to clear some of the pond side and have now been able to make a start putting in bergenia, ferns, rodgersia and tradescantia which will cover a good area when established. Andrew has been set the task of digging in sleepers to support the path on the far side and the bed here will soon be ready for planting too.

In October I added a new page to the website offering confetti and items for hire for weddings and events. The confetti is made from air dried petals of flowers grown in the garden such as larkspur, roses and hydrangeas…

…and I have glassware, jugs, olive trees and planters available for hire.

There will be more added to this page, keep an eye on Instagram for news.

Although we are heading towards winter now, there is still plenty of jobs to be tackled – tulip planting, roses to put in and more work on the pond…

Visits to the garden are available by appointment from mid May to mid October. Take a look at the Our Garden page on the website for more details.