Winter work on the garden at Bramble Cottage

The last three months over winter have been spent making changes in the garden and developing new areas.
Work in the revamped Rose Garden has continued and with the mild weather planting has been finished apart from the salvias which are overwintering in the polytunnel. The shrub roses from Peter Beales arrived and were planted with plenty of well-rotted manure and a sprinkling of blood fish and bone meal. Rusty made sure the planting was undertaken properly…

A range of colours for the roses were chosen so in addition to Jayne Austin and Thomas a Becket described in November News there are now Beatrix Potter, a pale pink shapely bloom with many petals, Black Prince a very dark velvety red….

…Champion of the World a deep rose-pink fully double flower, Amelie Nothomb with soft peach and coral shades…

…creamy-white Botzaris and Camaieux - pale pink striped with purplish crimson. All of these roses are scented and should fill the garden with wonderful perfume.

Another stretch of the garden planted this winter was a hedge running the full length next to the path by the Long Border

After some debate we went for a mix of Alder and Crabapple, two hedging plants we hadn’t used before and with catkins from the Alder and flowers from the Crabapple should look good throughout the season

As always during the winter months the potting shed gets a good clean out, everything removed, walls and floor swept, windows cleaned all ready for seed sowing at the start of February…

…when cosmos, marigolds, nigella, cornflowers and sweet peas and lots more are started off and summer seems closer..

Each year we progress with digging and preparing another part of the garden

At the far end of the woodland a new border has been planted up with lilacs and buddleias incorporating an existing white lilac so there will be flowers in the spring and summer

Finally, Andrew built my promised Christmas present of two arches for climbers near the house…

…which have been planted up with clematis, rose Eden 2000 and a scented creamy-white honeysuckle

I plan to buy another climbing scented rose to finish these ready for the season.

Plans for the next few weeks in the garden at Bramble Cottage involve underplanting the lilac and buddleia border and revamping the entrance to the Flower Garden…

Not long now until Spring!!

Visits to the garden are available by appointment from mid May to mid October. Take a look at the Our Garden page on the website for more details.